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the journey, and the return

Fraser Allan Best is a documentary filmmaker with a background in broadcast journalism and investigative reporting. Best is based in Toronto, but has done extensive work throughout the United States. Currently, he is producing a feature film on a liver transplant he received in 2020, from a live donor. The film explores topics related to rare disease, the impact of COVID-19, and life after transplant.

After being taken out of filmmaking in 2018 when he faced serious illness, ultimately requiring a transplant, Fraser's upcoming documentary represents a triumphant return to his craft, tackling on a subject that has become deeply personal.

FRASER ALLAN BEST [2021.09.png

Past video work


Feature film

(in production)

Producer of a feature length documentary film about his 2020 liver transplant, connecting the personal event, to larger themes in transplant and rare disease.


Television correspondent for Arizona PBS on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., reporting on Senator John McCain, and Jeff Flake, and covering other political stories on a nightly news broadcast.


Carnegie-Knight investigative journalist

Carnegie-Knight journalist fellow producing a short documentary series on water contamination in the United States Midwest.

Capitol Hill reporter, Arizona PBS


CIUT 89.5 FM

Radio Show

Producer and co-host of the weekly radio show "Leading Tone", featuring a crossover theme that blended current affairs, with a selection of music.


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